Success Story


A high-tech, independent fitness center was opening in an old, industrial neighborhood. With a small staff, limited marketing resources, and no big brand name recognition, they needed a way to get people into their new, innovative fitness center.


mActivity wanted to use cost-effective online marketing strategies to attract new member sign-ups. Our primary goal was to get out the word that a contemporary, high-tech gym was opening up nearby. The second goal? Getting people in the door!


  • ‍We created online ads and targeted them to specific demographics near the fitness center, letting people know about the gym opening in a convenient, accessible location. 
  • SEO is especially important for a fitness center, so we utilized search-engine-optimization tactics to get their site in the top three links of Google results. 
  • Finally, we implemented an automated email marketing system, which sent follow-up emails to anyone who signed up for a free day-pass. Automated emails gave the staff fewer tasks to worry about and plenty of time to get more work done.


After six weeks, almost 500 people signed up for a membership, and they had about 1,500 leads in the works as well. Today, the fitness center is thriving and bringing in new members almost every day.

mActivity Fitness CentermActivity Fitness Center
  • Did you know that you can target online ads at people located in a specific area? Potential customers in a zip code near your business can see your ads while they’re reading the morning news!
  • You can also target online ads to specific people based on their: age, sex, where they work, and their personal interests!

"Cloud IT Guru has been instrumental in making our business very successful. After evaluating many vendors, we chose them because they were local and very knowledgable. We meet with them often to track results and fine-tune or marketing campaigns. We would highly recommend Cloud IT Guru to any business looking to take advantage of online technologies to market their business "

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