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Manually creating proposals and invoices from word documents was prone to errors and time consuming. It also made it difficult to see who paid and how many invoices are outstanding.


Setup an online invoice and proposal management system. The contractor should be able to easily and quickly create and email invoices to their customers.


We implemented an online application (both Desktop and Mobile enabled) that served as a digital, automated invoice and proposal system. Filling out a form on the app would create an invoice, which would send the customer a link to pay online. The contractor had a dashboard to see which customers had paid and who still owed a balance. Additionally, the follow-up emails prompting customers for payments were all automated, so he didn’t have to spend time writing those messages.


Using the online app, the contractor’s proposals and invoices were finally organized, and he received payments from customers far more quickly. Implementing this new technology made him more efficient and opened additional time that he could spend with his family.

Highwood MechanicalHighwood Mechanical
  • With Cloud applications, nothing is installed on a computer. You access the software online just like you access your Email or Facebook account.

"I'm so pleased that we met Cloud IT Guru. They manage all the technology needs of my business. I'm able to send proposals faster than ever before and my quality of life has improved because I'm able to dedicate additional time with my family. "

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