Why is SEO Important?

Search engine optimization is the ultimate online marketing tool.

The Facts

  • Most consumers use search engines to find local info
  • 50% of all website traffic comes from organic search
  • Almost all of that website traffic results from first-page google results
  • 50% of all revenue comes from organic website traffic

That Means:

More search visibility = more traffic = more revenue

How to become more visible in organic search:

Perfect your keyworking and linking strategies for search engine

How Cloud IT Guru Can Help:

We are experts at Search Engine Optimization

Our Specialties:

  • First-hand experience from experts who worked at Google
  • Complete understanding of search engine mechanics
  • Skilled techniques for recognizing web page errors
  • Comprehensive strategies for ensuring top-performing

The Results:

Search engine experts+keywording pros = search engine optimization = revenue

Why choose us?

Local experts get the job done faster

The Benefits

  • Local knowledge for local businesses
  • Professional experts
  • Real-time dashboard to monitor keyword status
  • Quicker results

The Solution:

More search visibility = more traffic = more revenue

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