Innovative Fitness Center


mActivity is a full service fitness center that provides an environment for reaching total health. It’s a truly unique space that gives its members an opportunity to work on personal fitness goals, settle the mind and connect with like-minded people in their neighborhood. The challenge is how to communicate these awesome qualities through, primarily, online communication to get them in the door.

As a result, the mActivity team sought a local marketing agency to help them spread their message in the digital space, clearly and effectively. After careful evaluation and relationship building, they began a partnership with Vishu and Vanessa of Cloud IT Guru.


Marketing agencies can be siloed in their focus and many times, lack extensive knowledge in the digital and technology space. mActivity needed a partner that could help them utilize cost-effective online marketing strategies to attract new member sign-ups. They needed to not only tell a story through effective marketing but also get people in the door. That involves so much more than great design and messaging, it involves a full fledged digital strategy and technical experience


Cloud IT Guru partnered with mActivity to create demographic targeted digital ads to reach prospective customers residing near the fitness center. The goal was to let residents know that a new, innovative fitness center was opening nearby, and that they should check it out.

In addition, given Vanessa and Vishu’s extensive digital experience, they were able to implement a highly effective SEO campaign that ranked mActivity among the top three links of Google results for fitness centers in the New Haven, CT area.

The team also implemented marketing automation into the complete digital plan to send follow-up emails to prospective members that signed up for a free day pass to the gym. The emails not only helped staff members eliminate tasks but also kept communication open with potential customers.

"Cloud IT Guru came in with a very positive attitude and a consultative approach. They were not offering a particular product or predefined package but took time to really understand our business and tailor a solution for our budget. The company has demonstrated extraordinary responsiveness. I cannot imagine working with anyone else. Vishu and Vanessa have always been reachable, they have a very high level of professionalism and quite frankly just wonderful people to work with."

Burch and Pablo, Co-owners of mActivity


The results speak for themselves. Strategic digital advertising and communication work. Especially if you have a great business to back it up. After only six weeks, mActivity had nearly 500 new member sign ups with 1,500 leads through the funnel. And today, the fitness center continues to thrive, recruiting new members every day.