Illuminate Your Journey


Our client, Illuminate Your Journey came to us with a challenge — help grow the company’s online following so she can sell more stars. She had a product that people loved, she just wasn’t getting it in front of the right audience. And she was getting no help from her poorly designed website. As a result, we stepped in to help her create a better user experience online, which led to increased traffic and sales.


The product was great but the shopping experience didn’t match. There’s nothing worse than trying to purchase something on a poorly designed, clunky website. Our client needed a fresh experience that was easy to navigate so her customers could find the products they want and make a purchase. She also needed a plan to engage with potential customers. A great product will simply go to waste if it’s not getting in front of the right people.


What started out as a simple web redesign turned into an all-around user experience upgrade. We were determined to give her customers a seamless hub to purchase their paper lanterns, receive offers and discounts, get inspired with new products and come back for more. By creating a personalized hub and easy-to-use products page, she was able to increase sales and grow her thriving online business. 

"Every step of the way, IT Guru showed us what was going on. I've always had access to them. Really enjoyed the interaction with them. It has been a delight and a very good interaction with the company. We get so many compliments on our website."

Judy April, Founder


By diving deeper into the web experience, we didn’t just give our client a new website, we helped her entire business prosper. Through optimized SEO, which helped with organic traffic, and strategically paid advertising, Illuminate Your Journey now appears as one of the top results on Google Shopping through the search for paper lanterns and sales have increased by 300%. The ROI speaks for itself.