Go4er App

Promoting a Business Opportunity to Reach Unprecedented Heights


Go4er came to Cloud IT Guru with a request — “Build a user-friendly application for one courier company.” Simple, right? Well, the Cloud IT Guru team had a thought. This unique courier service deserved something more than a basic app. With today’s technology and the possibilities of acceptable disruption, Vishu and Vanessa pitched an innovative business opportunity to the Go4er team. A tool that gives them freedom to grow at an unprecedented pace.


The biggest challenge was to create a marketplace with a network of both courier service providers and individual drivers. Courier providers were afraid that they would lose their existing clients using the Go4er platform while the drivers wanted more control on the money they were going to make. The team needed to build something that works for both these groups and equipped with latest technologies like real-time bid processing and GPS capabilities.


In partnership with stellar developers and deep industry knowledge, the Cloud IT Guru team developed both the business model and the technology connecting couriers and drivers with customers in need of their services. The courier providers were equipped with a web-based console to easily manage all their client requests and assign them to drivers on the field. Individual drivers were provided with a mobile app to bid on user requests. After the user makes the payment, the driver is tracked in real-time as they pick-up and deliver the user's package.

"Cloud IT Guru was instrumental in ensuring that we went in the right direction. I really did not find any other app developers with this kind of vision and it felt good to have the numbers within my budget. Thanks to having an early version of the app ready so quickly, it helped me hook up with a few partners and investors. Time frames have been very good and punctual to their commitments."

William Violette, Founder, Go4er LLC


Thanks to a strong partnership and the willingness to take a risk, Go4er has an innovative business offering available through an application, which is a must in today’s fast-paced society. The project’s innovation and success gave the Go4er team an opportunity to gain support and secured funding from other partners to expand their services and build even more technologies.